Our Story

We are proud to be the first Mexican coffee shop in Toronto, Canada. Welcome to our enchanting coffee shop, where passion meets flavor and Mexico comes to life. At our core, we are driven by an unwavering commitment to sharing the vibrant culture and rich flavors of Mexico with the world. Our story began with two brothers, united by their profound love for their Mexican heritage, who envisioned a place where every sip and bite would take you on an unforgettable sensory journey through the heart of Mexico.

We take pride in curating a hand-picked selection of the finest Mexican coffee blends, meticulously sourced from the country's most renowned coffee regions. With every sip, you'll be transported to the sun-kissed plantations and picturesque landscapes that give birth to these exceptional flavors. Whether you're a connoisseur seeking gourmet perfection or an advocate for sustainability looking for organic blends, our collection caters to every coffee lover's discerning taste.

But our offerings go beyond coffee alone – we invite you to indulge in the authentic tastes of Mexico with our array of traditional Mexican pastries and treats. Each bite is a celebration of time-honored recipes that have been passed down through generations, infusing your taste buds with the very essence of Mexico's culinary traditions.

Yet, our mission extends even further. We're not just about serving great coffee and food; we're about sharing the heart and soul of Mexico with our cherished customers. Our coffee shop is a haven for Mexican art and culture, adorned with a stunning collection of artwork that pays tribute to the country's rich and diverse heritage. With every visit, you'll immerse yourself in the magic of Mexico, connecting with its roots and celebrating its artistic legacy.